FLYPRO is an innovative company in R&D of intelligent sport drones as well as a comsumer electronic drone solution supplier,FLYPRO is the leader and the pioneer of smart sport UAV industry, Our international team produce industry-leading designs involving advanced flight control systems, voice control system, visual positioning systems and obstacle avoidance.

FLYPRO designs for sports, focusing on an intelligent simple control mode, the ultimate fun user experience and cost-effective innovative products. Independent design and development of the world's first automatic follow PX400 FPV UAV and the XEagel UAV which is the only UAV with a smart watch control system and automatic obstacle avoidance. FLYPRO has a number of technological innovations and functional features to fill gaps in the industry. FLYPRO has established a benchmark position in the market of intelligent motion UAV market segment.
Our prospective:
Flying with freedom is the dream which every person is born with.
From the Wright Brothers’ invention of the first airplane to Armstrong’s first step on the Moon to bungee jumping and sky diving, everyone dreams of flying with freedom. We create a third eye so the dreamers can fly freely in the sky with this “Magic Eye”.
We make “I can fly” into reality with technology. Everyone now can view our incredible and fascinating planet in a whole new perspective. We advocate a fresh and youthful attitude towards living life, encouraging people to fulfill their dreams!