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Flexible Optical Communication Equipment Rental Services


AFL 70R+ Ribbon


Introducing FLYPRO's Rental Services for Fujikura AFL 41S and AFL 70R+ Ribbon Fusion Splicers!

FLYPRO is proud to offer our customers the option to rent the industry-leading Fujikura AFL 41S and AFL 70R+ Ribbon Fusion Splicers for their optical communication needs. These splicers are perfect for fiber optic cable installations and maintenance work.

Our rental services offer flexible options to suit your specific requirements. Currently, we offer one-month rental periods for both the Fujikura AFL 41S and AFL 70R+ Ribbon Fusion Splicers. However, we are also happy to provide rental services for longer or shorter periods based on your needs.

The Fujikura AFL 41S Fusion Splicer provides high-quality splicing and reliability for single fiber applications. It is perfect for single-mode and multimode fiber splicing and has a splice time of just 9 seconds.

The Fujikura AFL 70R+ Ribbon Fusion Splicer is an excellent solution for ribbon fiber splicing. It provides fast and reliable splicing, making it perfect for 5G or data center applications. It can splice up to 12 fibers simultaneously and has a splice time of just 15 seconds.

By renting from FLYPRO, you can benefit from the latest technology without the need for a large capital investment. Our rental services allow you to minimize the cost of ownership while maximizing the use of high-quality equipment.

Visit our website today to learn more about our rental services for the Fujikura AFL 41S and AFL 70R+ Ribbon Fusion Splicers. The corresponding URLs for these products are


Contact us by to discuss your specific needs and get a quote for our rental services.