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Wireless AP Coverage Solutions

As an alternative or extension of the traditional cabling network, wireless local area networks free individuals from their desks, allowing them to obtain information anytime, anywhere, and improving employee productivity. Generally speaking, compared with the traditional wired network, the application value of wireless local area network is reflected in:


Because there are no cable restrictions, users can move to work in different places, and network users can access information in real time regardless of where they are.

Easy wiring

Because no wiring is required, the tedious work of wiring through walls or ceilings is eliminated, so the installation is easy and the network construction time can be greatly shortened.

Flexible networking

Wireless LANs can form a variety of topologies and can be easily extended from a few users 'point-to-point model to thousands of users' infrastructure networks.

Cost advantage

This advantage is reflected in the fact that when a user network needs to lease a large number of telecommunication dedicated lines for communication, a self-established WLAN will save users a lot of rental costs. In dynamic environments that require frequent movement and change, wireless LAN investment is more rewarding.

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