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Warranty Policy

For your shopping safety, all products purchased on enjoy our warranty policy.

These warranty policies include
  • 1. No reason return and refund within 30 days (standard stock products).
  • 2. Free maintenance or replacement within warranty period (standard stock products).
  • 3. Free maintenance within warranty period (Consumable and Customized products). warranty policy covers only original, unaltered and unmodified materials and workmanship are covered by this policy. This warranty does NOT cover damage caused by accident, improper care/installation, negligence, normal wear-and-tear, or the natural breakdown of colors and/or materials over extended time and use. If the damage or failure is caused by these reasons above,the products could be considered for repair for a reasonable rate or a reduced price for a replacement piece (Customer pay the return cost of shipping and duties). Please refer the detailed list below for warranty period and product warranty attribute (standard stock products/Consumable, Customized products)

Warranty Policy for Different Product Attrributes

Product AttrributesWithin 30 daysWithin Warranty PeriodOut of Warranty Period
Standard stock products No Reason Free maintenance Paid maintenance
Return Replacement Pay for replacement
Refund Refund Negotiable Refund X
Consumable/Customized products No Reason Free maintenance Paid maintenance
Return X Replacement Negotiable Pay for replacement
Refund X Refund X Refund X

Warranty period

Product Category Warranty period Attrribute Type
DAC Cables 1-Year Warranty Customized
AOC Cable 1-Year Warranty Customized
Consumer electronic AOC 1-Year Warranty Customized
Fiber Optic Transceivers 5-Year Warranty Standard stock
Fiber Media Converter 1-Year Warranty Consumable
Server Adapter 1-Year Warranty Standard stock
MTP/MPO Fiber Cabling 1-Year Warranty Consumable
Fiber Patch Cables 1-Year Warranty Consumable
Mounting Chassis 1-Year Warranty Consumable
PLC Splitter 1-Year Warranty Consumable
CWDM MUX DEMUX 1-Year Warranty Customized
Mini CWDM MUX DEMUX 1-Year Warranty Customized
CWDM OADM 1-Year Warranty Customized
DWDM MUX DEMUX 1-Year Warranty Customized
DWDM OADM 1-Year Warranty Consumable
Main Chassis 1-Year Warranty Consumable
Power Modules 1-Year Warranty Consumable
Network Management Unit 1-Year Warranty Consumable
Transponder (OEO) 1-Year Warranty Consumable
Amplifier Modules 1-Year Warranty Consumable
Dispersion Compensation 1-Year Warranty Consumable
Line Protection 1-Year Warranty Consumable

Exclusions and Limitations

  • 1. This Limited Warranty applies only to the product manufactured by or for, that can be identified by the "FLYPRO" or FLYPRO trademark, trade name.ect.
  • 2. The warranty clause does not include any product damage caused by improper installation, accident hazards, natural disasters, abuse, misuse, low power or over-voltage, incorrect operation, poor/ bad environmental conditions and any unauthorized disassembly, repair or modification.
  • 3. The warranty clause does not apply to products with modified internal electronic information, EEPROM information, etc. without authorized.
  • 4. The warranty clause does not include system problems caused by third-party software, upgraded software or upgraded IOS of the connecting devices